Areas of practice

The Law Firm Oss has developed over the years strong specific skills in order to tackle the major problems relating to corporations as well to private clients, skills that every components of the Firm has so that exchanges of ideas and dialogue represent a strong point of the Firm.

June 22, 2015 09:26:36
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The Law Firm provides its services in the following areas of practice:

Wills and Inheritance

Unlike the inheritance laws of the United States or the United Kingdom, the Italian regulations require that the majority of assets must pass at death to certain family members, generally the surviving spouse and children in pre-determined percentages. read more

Property Law

In the legal relationships of every day, the legal issues related to real estate have a great importance. read more

Civil Law

We have the experience to provide specialist Italian legal advice in all types of civil and commercial litigation and are able to handle a variety of work, from the most complex disputes to smaller matters that arise on a more frequent basis. read more

Family Law

The family law department has a deep competence in the field of family law matters and is ready to represent you regarding your family law matter. read more

Criminal Law

Bad things can happen to good people.  When it comes to you, your family member, or friend facing criminal charges, an aggressive, experienced and effective criminal defense attorney can mean the difference between a prison sentence and reduced or dismissed criminal charges. read more

Corporate and commercial Law

Our corporate practice group assists in the setting-up of companies. The related activity and document preparation is a standard part of our practice for a wide variety of commercial, industrial, and financial institutions. read more

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Piergiorgio Oss

Piergiorgio Oss's practice focuses on criminal law, corporate law, commercial law and bankruptcy law.