Civil Law

We have the experience to provide specialist Italian legal advice in all types of civil and commercial litigation and are able to handle a variety of work, from the most complex disputes to smaller matters that arise on a more frequent basis.

June 22, 2015 09:26:36
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Italian Litigation – Disputes

Our Italian lawyers are at the top of their profession and are committed to securing our clients’ goals, making sure that all avenues will be explored and options presented to them, whether it is a claim or a defence, settlement or court victory.

At Oss Law Firm, the primary focus of our Italian litigation practice is client service. We aim to respond swiftly and effectively to client needs, update them on a regular basis and provide thoughtful and straightforward recommendations as matters move forward. Our litigators, whose background and experience are as varied as the clients we serve, possess robust negotiating skills and, when appropriate, will seek for alternative solutions to court litigation, such as arbitration and mediation. This allows us to resolve disputes swiftly and cost-effectively.

Written by
Piergiorgio Oss

Piergiorgio Oss's practice focuses on criminal law, corporate law, commercial law and bankruptcy law.