Wills and Inheritance

Unlike the inheritance laws of the United States or the United Kingdom, the Italian regulations require that the majority of assets must pass at death to certain family members, generally the surviving spouse and children in pre-determined percentages.

June 22, 2015 09:26:36
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There is an exception to this law for non-Italian citizens, who may instead elect the inheritance rules of their home country.

An Italian public notary must govern the distribution of any Italian property at the time of death, and, for non-Italians holding any assets in Italy, it is important to clarify this choice of law, and then enforce this choice by means of an Italian public act, particularly if the asset must be referred to a non-Italian will or trust.

Our attorneys advise and manage these procedures regularly, and we maintain an in-house notary who can register any Italian will and other necessary documents with the government offices. We also give counsel to clients entitled to the inheritance of property, and assist with all procedural requirements until completion.

Written by
Piergiorgio Oss

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